Tri-Sphere Multi-Mode Mobility Platform

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The Tri-Sphere robot’s suite of capabilities make it uniquely well suited for a range of military missions. For example, in addition to deactivating roadside bombs, the robot can be adapted for counter landmine missions. The Tri-Sphere robot’s ability to move autonomously through difficult terrain provides unparalleled access to minefields. The robot can then flag the location of the mine, place a secondary charge to destroy the mine or unearth and defuse the mine.

The Tri-Sphere design can also be adapted for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. In order to increase its speed on prepared surfaces, the robot’s bottom triad of legs can be fitted with wheels thus allowing it to either roll or walk. Because of its precision pointing ability, a Tri-Sphere robot can climb to a favorable vantage point and transmit stable, highly-magnified video of its surroundings. This same precision pointing capability allows the robot to establish a high-bandwidth RF uplink to an overhead satellite.

Any unmanned ground vehicle destined for use within the modern battlespace must be consistent with the exceptionally harsh demands of real-world military deployment. The system must be rugged, mechanically austere and endowed with robust controls architecture. Tri-Sphere robot’s combination of flexible mobility and dexterous manipulation make it uniquely well suited for this application.