About Square One

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Nestled in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Square One maintains state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facilities staffed by engineers, physicists and skilled technicians. Our vision is to assemble the best minds in the business in an idyllic location, equip them with the latest design tools, and then turn them loose on the most challenging automation projects. We believe our unconventional setting fosters original thinking and we know our collaborators always enjoy their visits.

Square One received the 2006 National Tibbetts Award in recognition of the consistent excellence of our SBIR-sponsored research, the success of our commercialization efforts and the positive economic impact our company has had on our region.


Square One collaborates closely with universities, national labs, and private industry across the nation in support of our research. Current partners include:

Community Outreach

The spirit of cooperation is at the heart of Square One’s business model. Our engineers work with local schools to introduce students to robotics, act as coaches for the Lego Robotics Challenge, host high school and undergraduate interns, and present graduate-level seminars at universities. By helping to demystify the world of scientific research, Square One strives to be a positive (albeit somewhat non-traditional) corporate addition to our rural, Rocky Mountain community.